Bundle of 5 | Modern Round Self Watering Pot | Top Diameter 37cm

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by Zero2.5
Bundle of 5 Self-Watering Pots - 37cm Diameter
Product Information:

Modern Round Self Watering Pot is the best for indoor and outdoor open spaces. It comes with a complete self watering system to ensure that plants will always get enough water. It is strong, durable and lightweight which is good for long term usage.

Product Feature:
  • Self-watering system
  • Water level indicator, to ensure the water level is between the red MIN and MAX lines
  • Removable inner pot, more convenient to change plants
  • Modern shining coating
Product Specifications
  • Product Name:  Modern Round Self Watering Pot
  • Product Number: HG-3104
  • Product Dimensions:   Top diameter: 37cm, Bottom diameter: 27cm, Height: 36cm
  • Product Material: High quality plastic PP
  • Recommended Plants:  Mother-in-law's tongue, Areca palm, Bamboo plant, Money tree