What is the healthy level of NAIs

Moisture in the air creates NAIs 

    In nature, NAIs are formed in rainforests, waterfalls, during heavy storms, anywhere where there is a lot of moisture in the air. However, in homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and other spaces such as malls there is very little moisture in the air.

    Air conditioning systems and so on keep the air inside building very dry, and that means very few NAIs. That is a problem when we are looking at air quality.

Natural NAI levels for healthy air

    In nature, a forest will contain 2000 NAIs/cm3. That is the reason forest air has that clean and crisp feel we all love.

    At home or other spaces, away from plants that can drop significantly. To remain healthy, air should ideally contain more than 1000 NAIs/cm3.

    In general, the air you breathe most of the time in urbanized area is somewhere between 100 to 200 NAIs/cm3.


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