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Returning Forest Air for Healthier Living

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Fresh air has never meant so much to us before. Zero2.5 is dedicated to
providing sustainable solutions to enhancing air quality.

What We Offer

Forest fresh air

Forest Fresh Air

Benefit of Negative Ions

Benefit of Negative Ions

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

potted plant

The Benefits of
Negative Ions

Zero2.5 products generate million times more
negative air ions (NAIs) than a normal plant. NAIs
are naturally formed in rainforests, waterfalls,
and during heavy storms. Humans take 20,000
breaths each day. Zero2.5 wants each one to be
just a bit fresher.

Cleans air borne pollutantsCleans air borne pollutants

Removes allergens and moldsRemoves allergens and molds

Rejuvenates the bodyRejuvenates the body