Shopping Mall

    Cleaner air offers a more pleasant environment, keeping shoppers happier, which means they stay longer and feel better, giving any mall a marketing advantage over their competition.

    Shopping malls have become central to city life in the past decade, and not just for shopping; the food courts offer a delicious range of cuisines. And there are often events, art exhibitions and activities for children. Recent studies show that 40.9 % of the urban population visit malls visit at least once a week.

    Clean air in shopping malls helps bring people in and keep them there as along as possible. They're also more likely to spend as a result. Mall developers and landlords should be more aware of this aspect of their environment, and then take full advantage of this demand.

    Unlike an occasional visitor, store employees spend much of their day within that environment, inhaling massive amounts of synthetic doors and PM2.5 if the air is polluted. Zero2.5 provides an eco-friendly solution to improve the emission of negative air ions (NAIs) from indoor and outdoor plants.

    With the help of our air ionizers, an environment with cleaner air is created for both shoppers and store employees.