With fresh, clean air, you can improve productivity, reduce illness and create a more comfortable, healthier work environment for all.

    Many health symptoms experienced by office workers are either caused or exacerbated by indoor air pollution. A common example of this is tight building syndrome, which is a condition where people feel unwell as a result of poor air quality and bad ventilation.

    In some cases, indoor air pollution may cause serious infections like Legionnaires' Disease, a type of pneumonia. Compounding these health symptoms may be work-related stress. Health symptoms associated with work-related stress may be made worse by poor indoor air quality.

    At Zero2.5, we provide an eco-friendly solution to bring clean forest air to office environments. Our Zero2.5 Plant Ionizers are able to stimulate plants to multiply negative air ions (NAIs) emissions by up to million-fold.


Zero2.5 is the result of a team of dedicated professionals with a desire to improve life quality while helping the planet.

We have been frustrated by the ongoing issue of air quality, and how it is affecting everyone, from the youngest to the oldest in everyday life. Whether in homes, offices, hospitals or schools or at the mall, the air feels stuffier and unhealthy. Zero2.5 wants to bring the natural cleanliness of forest air into everyday life instead.

Sustainable Air-Cleaning Solutions

Today, our range of natural fiber-based and plant-based solutions for delivering quality, fresh, clean air offers scientifically proven performance. It provides the forest-fresh air that boosts health and alertness, enhancing wellness for everyone.Passionate about our environment, sustainability and creating a healthy environment for all, Zero2.5 brings them all together in a new way of delivering wellness and clean, forest-fresh air to the spaces we spend so much time in today.

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