How Zero2.5 products help

To combat this increasing air quality problem, and help create clean, healthy air environments at home, at your business, in hospitals and schools, or anywhere that you need, we have a solution that combines clever technology with the power of nature.

Our solutions stimulate the carefully selected plants used in our systems to produce larger quantities of NAIs, with ranges offering a number of capacity outputs to be effective in different sizes spaces. Because our approach works to enhance the natural production of NAIs by the plants, it is low energy and low maintenance compared to the HEPA style filter solutions on the market today.

With no filters, fans or other failure points, the Zero2.5 range offer increased reliability and superior performance. Whether choosing the smart pot series, that integrates the system into the pot for a clean style, or the smart clip series that allows the addition of our smart technology to your existing plant pots, you get the same, easy and effective air cleaning. Connected devices, our solutions can be controlled via a convenient app for maximum flexibility and performance when you need it most.