Dragon Plant

    Dragon Plant can emit the highest number of Negative Air Ions when using with Zero2.5 Plant Ionizers.
    Easy to care for and robust enough to thrive in any environment, the Dragon Plant is a fantastic option for any space. Colors vary, with deep green leaves being the most common, but all kinds of colorful foliage appearing as plants grow. This creates an interesting visual effect and makes this plant stand out, adding something unique to your space.
    The dragon plant grows vertically, so it is very useful for areas with limited space, as you know the plant will grow upwards rather than outwards. The height can be easily regulated through pruning of the single, cane-like stem. The plant thrives in drier climates, which is ideal for indoor use where air naturally becomes drier.

Zero2.5 is the result of a team of dedicated professionals with a desire to improve life quality while helping the planet.

We have been frustrated by the ongoing issue of air quality, and how it is affecting everyone, from the youngest to the oldest in everyday life. Whether in homes, offices, hospitals or schools or at the mall, the air feels stuffier and unhealthy. Zero2.5 wants to bring the natural cleanliness of forest air into everyday life instead.

Sustainable Air-Cleaning Solutions

Today, our range of natural fiber-based and plant-based solutions for delivering quality, fresh, clean air offers scientifically proven performance. It provides the forest-fresh air that boosts health and alertness, enhancing wellness for everyone.Passionate about our environment, sustainability and creating a healthy environment for all, Zero2.5 brings them all together in a new way of delivering wellness and clean, forest-fresh air to the spaces we spend so much time in today.

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