Zero2.5 brings cleaner and safer air quality to Connect@Changi

Zero2.5 brings cleaner and safer air quality to Connect@Changi

Zero2.5 brings cleaner and safer air quality to Connect@Changi

While meetings over Zoom have brought about much convenience in this COVID-19 stricken world, it is certainly no match to the degree of human interaction in a face-to-face meeting. However, as great as physical meetings are, the need for quarantine upon entering another country has made overseas business travel virtually non-existent during the pandemic.

Business travellers who are reminiscent of the good old pre-pandemic days and crave in-person interaction may now rejoice with the introduction of Connect@Changi where business travellers globally are able to host meetings in a dedicated facility with local visitors without the need for quarantine – all thanks to an innovative “bubble” concept with key innovations like Zero2.5’s plant-based ionizers to further reduce COVID-19 transmission risk.

The hotel-cum-business centre facility will be able to host up to 1,300 business travellers when fully completed and has various measures in place to minimize contact between overseas travellers and the local community.

Overseas travellers and local visitors will be confined to their own zone separated by air-tight glass panels with each half having its own ventilation system to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

In addition to the firewall between the two sides, Connect@Changi will also feature Zero2.5 plant-based ionizers to further minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

In a previous study published by researchers at A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) and TLL (Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory), Zero2.5’s plant-based ionizers showed high effectiveness in reducing airborne aerosol. (Read more about the study here)

Zero2.5’s plant-based ionizers work by producing Negative Air Ions (NAI) that attract small, aerosolized particles (including viral particles) before clumping them together and falling onto the ground. This greatly reduces the chance of inhaling the viral aerosolized particles.

Business travellers can look forward to cleaner and safer air with Zero2.5’s plant ionizers located around the facility in boardrooms for meeting, swab test rooms, reception area and in guest rooms.

Do keep a lookout for our plant ionizers during your stay at Connect@Changi!