A seemingly insignificant moment can ruin an entire stay for anyone. Avoid the unwanted odours, stuffy air and invisible allergens that can have a negative effect on your guest’s satisfaction with Zero2.5.

    The hospitality industry is all about creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers. Restaurants, hotels, lounge bars all share the same goal, that visitors and residents should feel comfortable during their time within the business and are eager to return again as a result. Undesirable polluted air and smells should never be a problem for your customers.

    We have a range of Plant Ionizers available in numerous sizes that can cover different areas in a hotel. Small and medium options are best suited for guest rooms and corridors. Large and extra-large are designed for larger public spaces like restaurants and lobbies.

    Our extra-large plant hedge can prevent traffic and industry related air pollution from bothering your customers. This is a solution that will be welcomed by your guests and great for your brand, being a visible sign that you care about their health.

    For more information on our various size Plant Ionizers and outdoor plant hedge, please contact us.