Introduction of Zero2.5 Negative Ion Air Purifiers

Key features: 

  1. Negative Ion Emission: the natural fibers of the coconut coir ball emits negative air ions into your surroundings when stimulated by Zero2.5’s proprietary base/clip, our purifier uniquely tackles airborne pollutants. These ions adhere to pollutants, causing them to settle to the ground and reducing their presence in the air, promoting a healthier breathing space.
  2. Plug & Play Convenience: Our negative ion air purifier is a hassle-free plug & play device, easily powered up with our (Zero2.5) adaptor. Opt for our rechargeable battery option for on-the-go purification wherever you are.
  3. No Fan, No Filter: Enjoy cost-effective, sustainable air cleaning solution. By eliminating the need for a filter, periodic cleaning of the surrounding area is recommended to keep dust at bay.