Plant Care Guide

Plants and Maintenance

how to keep plants alive iconHOW TO KEEP THE PLANT ALIVE?
Our default plant, snake plant, is very hardy in all kinds of indoor/outdoor conditions. It's very resilient so not much care is required, in fact it thrives on neglect. Please water sparingly with each watering. Too much water will cause root rot and kill the plant.

watering plant iconWHEN TO WATER?
Poke your finger one inch into the soil, if the soil is moist to the touch, do not water, if the soil is dry, water 100-200ml (about 1/2~ 1cup of water) each watering session, and do not water again until soil is completely dry.

repotting iconRepotting?
If you are planning to repot to other plants, you may repot to the following plants that we recommend. Please click here for recommended plants.
If you are in other countries, please visit your local plant nurseries or florists.

repotting iconHOW TO DO POTTING?
Please click the link here to learn how to do potting if you are buying your own plant.