Aroma Car Air Purifier CI-1200

by Zero2.5
Type: Car Ionizer

Stay safe, connected, and refreshed on the road with our Aroma Car Air Purifier. This compact device packs a punch with its multi-purpose features:

  1. Emergency Car Safety Hammer: Break free from emergencies with ease.

  2. USB Outlet: Charge your devices on the go.

  3. Car Aroma Diffusing: Create a soothing ambiance with your favorite essential oils.

  4. Advanced Ionization Technology: Purify the air for a healthier driving experience.

  5. With built-in battery for continuous cleaning of up to 3 hours after the car engine is turned off

Easy to install and operate, enhances your driving comfort while prioritizing your safety. Make every journey exceptional!

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 100g (approx)
  • Product Size: 112*45*44mm (approx)
  • Input voltage: DC12-24V