Zero2.5 Air Quality Monitor

by Zero2.5

Product Details

  • Simple one button control. 
  • Advanced laser PM2.5 detection probe.
  • Independent HCHO and TVOC air detection probe
  • Temperature and Humidity display.
  • Air Quality Index display.
  • Rechargeable built-in battery: 2000mA/H lithium battery.
  • Battery life: Lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge

Product Specifications

Product model ZBP0010
Display LCD Screen
Material   ABS
Product size  90x90x50mm
PM2.5 technology  Laser Scattering 
Battery type Lithium
PM2.5 unit  ug/m³
HCHO range 0.000-1.999mg/m³
TVOC range 0.000-9.999mg/m³

Zero2.5 AQI has a limited warranty of 1 year. Please keep your proof of purchase for verification. For more information, please refer to our product warranty policy.


RH: Relative Humidity
TVOC: Total volatile organic compounds
HCH: Formaldehyde