Wearable Ionizer WI-1100

by Zero2.5

Product Details

  • Wearable Ionizer WI-1100 is designed to be wearable. It helps to bring forest air to you wherever you go. 
  • WI-1100 will turn on automatically after 3s when it is worn. And it will turn off automatically after 10s when it is placed on flat surface.
  • With 3 millions NAIs/cm³ emitted at 10cm away from WI-1100, it forms an invisible mask to reduce pm2.5, bacteria and virus inhaled into your body. 
  • Negative air ions will attach to floating particles in the air (e.g pollen and pet hair) and over time fall to the ground. Helps to alleviate allergies. 
  • Takes 2.5h to fully charge the battery.
  • Battery can last up to 24h.

Product Specifications

Product model
Negative air ions(NAIs) emission
3 Millions NAIs/cm³ at 10cm away from wearer
Net weight 29g
Product size  43x43x18.7mm
<1W,3.7V battery, USB charger

Wearable Ionizer WI-1100 has a limited warranty of 1 year. Please keep your proof of purchase for verification. For more information, please refer to our product warranty policy.

The user guide of WI-1100 is downloadable here.