Faux Plant AP8000 series

by Zero2.5

Faux Plant Negative Ion Air Purifier

Product Features:

  1. Negative Ion Emission: The purifier generates large amounts of negative ions, enhancing air quality and offering potential health benefits.
  2. Coconut Fiber Emission Medium: The natural fiber medium ensures efficient emission of negative ions while maintaining an organic look and feel.
  3. Faux Plant Aesthetics: Realistic faux plants in three varied heights - 1.3m, 1.7m, and 2m - provide a natural ambiance to complement any space.
  4. Pot Specifications: The 1.3m and 1.7m variants come with pots of 37cm in diameter, while the 2.0m variant features a pot with a 50cm diameter, offering stability and elegance.

Easy to use: Plug in the power adaptor and turn on the purifier.