Plant Care Guide

How to water?


When to water?

    We have carefully chosen a range of 4 plants that have the attributes that best enhance our technology in terms of ion emission. Working together, the technology and plant form a symbiotic relationship, with each plant bringing a specific feature that provides something particularly useful for the environment.

    We provide the very best options for your space that deliver in numerous ways. Of course, the main focus is on performance, the NAIs they produce and the additional production that our Zero2.5 system stimulates, but there is more. We also looked at aesthetics and other aspects of the plants to ensure they look great and each adds something unique to enhance performance.




If you are planning to repot to other plants, you may repot to the following plants that we recommend.

IIf you are in other countries, please visit your local plant nurseries or florists. 

How to do potting?

Please click the link here to learn how to do potting if you are buying your own plant.