Zero2.5 Introduction Zero2.5 adopts the high-performance air purification technology of sustainable natural fibers. The patented technology base stimulates the natural fiber spheres to release a large number of high-concentration negative air ions. Through the countless natural fibers on the fiber spheres, a 360° surrounding air purification effect is formed. No need to discard or replace any fans or filters on a regular basis, do your best for a circular economy and move towards a zero-waste environmental vision.
What are negative ions? Negative ions are also called negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions are formed by combining oxygen molecules in the air with free electrons. They have the functions of anti-oxidation, elimination of free radicals, and health care. When you go to the forest or the seaside, you will feel refreshed, which is the effect of negative ions.

How does the negative air ions generated?

It is released through the power-driven fiber spheres of Zero2.5's patented base. Gray conductive plastic on the base transfers the current to the fiber sphere.

How does the Air Ionizer release negative air ions?
The Zero2.5 sphere is full of natural fibers, and the tips of the natural fibers are the release points of negative air ions. The entire sphere is covered with fibers, forming a 360° air purification effect around the sphere.
How does Zero2.5 purify the air? Zero2.5's patented technology base stimulates the natural fiber sphere to release a large amount of high-concentration negative air ions, which will quickly charge up and gather pollutants suspended in the air (viruses, molds, PM2.5 microparticles). Accumulated air pollutants, as they gain weight, quickly fall and settle - leaving behind clean, healthy air.
Which part of the coconut is used to extract the sustainable natural fiber that produces the Zero2.5 Air Ionizer? Sustainable natural fibers are extracted from the husk of coconuts.
Which country does coconut natural fiber come from Coconut Natural Fiber comes from coconut farms all over South East Asia.
How to install Place the natural fiber sphere on the base of the ionizer and plug one end into a power outlet using the Zero2.5 original adapter. The other end of the DC power socket is connected to the ionizer power jack.
Does using the Air Ionizer consume electricity? Can it be on all the time? The AirClassic ionizer can be turned on all day (low power consumption <3W), but it is recommended to turn it off when the user is not nearby.
Advantages of Air Ionizer Zero2.5 Negative Air Ionizer has minimal maintenance cost, no consumables, fans and filters. While the fan unit of a normal purifier is the main contributor to high energy consumption, the Zero2.5 ionizer does not require a fan to clean the air.
Where is the Zero2.5 negative ion suitable for? Suitable for room size, up to 40㎡.
Can it inhibit bacteria and viruses? Effectively inactivate COVID-19 virus, up to >99.98% within 3 hours
Kills harmful bacteria suspended in the air, up to >99.9% within 2 hours
Can the Zero2.5 Natural Fiber Air Ionizer remove the COVID-19 virus from the air? Yes. Our natural fiber air ionizers have been tested for efficacy on 1μm aerosol particles (which is a proxy for COVID-19 virus size). Virus removal effectiveness is being independently tested by a research institute and published in the OSF Journal Peer reviewed. The full report can be found at this link: https://osf.io/2mh4c/
Conclusions: Phytoionizers are recommended to be used with various multiple safety measures to further reduce the risk of aerosol transmission. 
The benefits of negative air ions Promotes deep sleep, improves air quality, helps rejuvenate improves mental health, improves quality of life and productivity.
Purpose of the Ion Focus ①With the Ion Focus, our natural fiber sphere will cover the front 120° angle coverage area, and release negative air ions in a concentrated manner.
②When the adjacent wall is less than 1m, the purified air ions can be guided out from the wall to minimize the accumulation of dust on the wall behind the ionizer.
Efficiency of the Air Ionizer The Zero2.5 Natural Fiber Ionizer improves air quality and removes aerosols in poorly ventilated rooms with an overall improvement equivalent to ACH12 and CADR of 141 cubic feet per minute (or 240 cubic meters per hour).
What are the advantages compared with existing air purifiers? Existing air purification products cannot adequately and timely respond to the spread of aerosol viruses in indoor spaces per hour. Zero2.5 blocks aerosolized virus strains in time through the ionized air curtain and reduces the viral load, thereby effectively alleviating the risk of cluster infection in social interaction areas
Second, the Zero2.5 ionizer uses sustainable natural fiber coconut balls to generate negative ions in a 360-degree range to clean the surrounding air. Unlike traditional purifiers that draw in ambient air and capture pollutant particles through a fan and HEPA filter, such as our Zero2.5 CF4000, the compact size makes it ideal for placement closer to the user (e.g. on a table). 360-degree spherical negative ion generation and ease of use are two competitive advantages compared with traditional purifiers, achieving more efficient air purification in the user's real-time space
Our natural fiber air negative ion generator does not need to replace the air filter, low carbon to protect the environment, while the air purifier HEPA filter system needs to replace the filter, which will save you future maintenance costs
Our natural fiber air negative ion generator consumes 4-5 times less energy than traditional air purifiers.
Can air ionizer remove pollen from the air? Negative ions remove allergy-causing air particles such as pollen, dust and mold. There are many types of pollen allergies, and the grain size of the pollen is usually between 10 and 150 microns (μm). Our natural fiber air ionizers are capable of removing particulate matter (i.e. PM2.5 and PM10) up to 10μm.
How do I know if my newly installed natural fiber air ionizer is working properly? A green LED light indicator indicates that the device is on and emitting negative ions. Put your palm close to the coconut fiber ball (approximately 2-3 cm distance), you may feel a rush of air against the palm, which is another indication of negative ion emission.
How long is the warranty period? When the unit is plugged in and the green LED lights up, this indicates that the ionizer is working properly. We recommend using the device as needed to prolong the life of the product, just like any other electronic product. We offer a one year warranty on our products including coir balls. This is the standard warranty period offered for consumer electronics on the market.
How to clean or maintain the natural fiber ball (i.e. accumulated dust) The natural fiber coir is maintenance-free, but light monthly cleaning and maintenance are recommended. Before cleaning the coir, make sure to turn off the power to the unit for safety. We recommend wrapping the coconut ball with a damp paper towel or towel for about 10 minutes to absorb dust (if any). This step also helps to hydrate the coir's natural fibers, thereby prolonging its effectiveness in purifying the air. After cleaning, allow some time for the coconut ball to dry before placing it back on the electronic device
How often do natural fiber ball need to be replaced? Coconut balls are considered a consumable like HEPA filters. As for the HEPA filter, it needs to be replaced periodically as contaminants can build up on it over time. With our coconut balls, there is no problem of excessive dust accumulation compared to HEPA filters. However, our supplier estimates the lifespan of a natural fiber coir ball to be 3 years. Coco replacements can be purchased online.
Do I have to use the Ion Focus? Our natural fiber negative ion generator can powerfully clean the air within a 360-degree range. The cleaning effect is strongest when it is closest to the sphere. Our low power unit is very effective at removing fine particles, especially within 1 meter of our ionizers, which can cause dust to deposit on nearby walls when the ionizer is placed too close to the wall , it is recommended to use the Ion Focus to divert the negative ions away from the wall. If the ionizer is placed too close to a wall, periodically clean the surrounding area of ​​dust.
Placement considerations At least 50cm away from the screen, the ideal distance is 1m to avoid static interference.
It should be at least 15cm away from the wall (it can be raised to improve the effect of negative ion emission). If you need to place it, you can use the Ion Focus to divert the negative ions away from the wall.
Static electricity problem The Air Ionizer is a low power device, well below the recommended safety limits. Our ionizer rely on the process of air ionization to provide clean air. However, this air ionization process may generate some static electricity on nearby objects. This is normal and considered safe. Since our equipment uses a patented 360° natural fiber coir to provide efficient cleaning, touching any part of the ball may transfer static electricity to people. Although it is safe to touch, if you continue to touch the ball, static electricity may build up on the person, so please minimize physical contact with the natural fiber ball.