Improve the air quality in your indoor space with nature plants

    Today, we are all aware of the dangers of poor air quality, and that can apply as much indoors as it does anywhere else. With that in mind, taking steps to improve the quality of the air at home, in the office or even in public spaces such as shopping malls is important. It makes the space more pleasant to be in, and breathing cleaner air makes everyone feel more alert, boosts mood and of course, is much better for long-term health.

    One way to do this is by using the power of nature, because plants really can improve indoor air quality. While you have probably heard this before, there are several scientific studies that prove beyond doubt that plants clean the air in several ways, the most notable one by NASA. That study was carried out over a two-year period, and it found that plants can actually remove contaminants from the air, especially substances like benzene, which is often found as an airborne contaminant in modern environments.

How do plants clean the air?

    As we know, plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which in itself is beneficial to the air quality in a room, but they also clean air too. You’ve probably felt that effect before without realizing it. Think of any time you walked through a forest, remember how the air felt? Clean, crisp, very different to the air you breathe at home, at work or out and about.

    That is what plants can do, some are better at it than others, but plants can remove pollution and impurities from the air. Plants create negative air ions (NAIs), which attract airborne pollutants and remove them through gravity, by sinking to the ground. The more NAIs that are created, the more harmful pollutants are removed from the air.

    There are ways to boost the output of those NAIs and create incredibly clean air even in larger rooms or indoor spaces. The Zero2.5 system can increase a plant’s output of NAIs by as much as a million times, leading to fresh, crisp and clean air, just as you would find in a rainforest. Blending sustainable technology and the power of nature itself creates an impressive air filtration system for any space.

Using Plants for cleaner air

    The key to get the most from your indoor plants when it comes to air cleaning is to allow them space to breathe. Pots that have plenty of soil and space for the plant are important. Not just for the long-term health of the plant itself, but the NASA study showed the soil itself can help with the purification performance.

    Where you place the plants is important too, give the leaves space to do their work. A plant that is shoved into a corner with half its leaves squashed against the wall is not as effective as a plant standing with space all around it. Small plants can be effective, so this doesn’t mean you need to have a huge plant in the middle of a room, just find a space that allows air to circulate around them easily.

Plants are more than oxygen

    Effective for filtering the air as well as producing oxygen, plants bring many benefits to any indoor space. Cleaner, fresher air is not just healthier, it makes you feel better, more alert and focused too. Of course, there is also the other advantage that we have not talked about at all.

    Plants are beautiful, and having them in your home, office or any indoor space adds something special visually, they just look great. In our artificial world where you can sometimes go days without seeing anything but man-made constructions, having nature there with you makes every day that little bit better.